The year turns, the season continues

We ended the last year with a much beloved classic, Rebecca, returning to the stage. Daphne duMaurier's spine-chilling yet romantic thriller shines in this deft and grandiose adaptation by Sylvester Levay and Michael Kunze, and benefits from Béres Attila's capable direction.

On the 19th of January, it was time for another great return: Dorian Gray, one of the greatest rock musicals of the Hungarian scene, premiered in the Emmerich Kálmán Hall after a hiatus of two decades. This sensual and mystical fable of a man who gave his soul for eternal youth was directed by Attila Réthly, who already directed the immensely successful plays Me and My Little Brother and Women on the Edge of Nervous Breakdown in the Operetta Theatre. He worked with the actors Kocsis Dénes, Gubik Petra, Janza Kata, Homonnay Zsolt, Kalocsai Zsuzsa and Csengeri Attila to bring this modern myth to life.


Dorian Gray

On the 23rd of February, we celebrate the premier of a grand operetta, Bluebeard by Jaques Offenbach. Even though this remarkable piece is a biting satire of 19th century French culture, we hope to show that Offenbach is not only enjoyable, but relevant in 21st century Hungary. The operetta will be directed by Székely Kriszta, who introduced herself to the Operetta Theater's audience by staging the contemporary opera Creative Connections. She promises that the witty, energetic music and cinematic plot provide the perfect foundation to a novel approach, one that looks behind the fairytale plot, and shows us that the kings and shepherdesses of Offenbach's pastoral world are not so different from present-day senators and secretaries. The February premier will feature Bordás Barbara, Vadász Zsolt, Boncsér Gergely, Dolhai Attila, Peller Károly, Kállai Bori and Kendi Lajos.


The 16th of March will bring about the first ever staging of a horror-comedy musical, The Cat Demon by Karafiáth Orsolya and Bella Máté. This contemporary story chronicles four ordinary people living in an ordinary house, dealing with ordinary problems - while they're also being haunted by a shape-shifting cat demon with a malicious personality and a downright sadistic sense of humour. Göttinger Pál will direct this musical, and he'll work with the actors Peller Anna,  Oszvald Marika, Földes Tamás, Bálint Ádám, Homonnay Zsolt and esteemed guest Szemenyei János.

The Cat Demon

Our other new performance in March will be a veritable treat to the lovers of klezmer. From the 9th of March, Jávori Ferenc, front man and founder of the Budapest Klezmer Band, will hold court in the Emmerich Kálmán Hall. He'll tell stories of his childhood and his long career in music, his influences and experiences. He'll play his own blend of klezmer, folk and idiosyncratic modernity, with the aid of his fellow musicians Nagy Anna, Barbinek Gábor, Gazda Bence, Kohan Istvan, Máthé László és Végh Balázs, but also accompanied by the artists of our own theatre: Janza Kata, Siménfalvy Ágota, Földes Tamás and Szabó P. Szilveszter.

Our spring season is complete with two more exciting renewals. On the 29th of March, the intensely popular 1934 operetta Me and My Little Brother will return to the stage, directed by Réthly Attila. And on the 23rd of April, American Comedy, the atmospheric swing-musical we previously performed in the Atrium Theatre will come home to our very own Emmerich Kálmán Hall for a new run.

We hope you'll enjoy our brand new offerings in Spring 2018 - and of course you are still welcome to all the other operettas, operas and musicals in our diverse repertoire. Hope to see you soon!

A Budapesti Operettszínház fenntartója a Magyar Állam, irányító szerve az Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma (EMMI)